Graduate Professional Programs - General Information

The graduate professional course in Microbiology was designed to give participants a global view of Microbiology and the scientific and technological fundamentals of the processes employed in the area.


The course format caters for the multiple objectives of the participants and will ultimately allow them to be able to:

a) better understand the technical - scientific fundamentals of the processes utilized in Microbiology;
b) explore the potential of emerging technologies as a way of adding value to products and creating competitive advantages;
c) be prepared for future post-graduation ventures which could be achieved more easily.
d) teach with a better scientific basis


The course is targeted towards professionals of the following areas: Biochemical Pharmacy, Biology, Nursing, Dentistry, university professors of Biology and high school Biology teachers who are interested in broadening their knowledge in Microbiology. Therefore, it is intended for new graduates; professionals working in the clinical analysis field; teachers, biologists working in the environmental and industrial fields; professionals from other areas of studies other than Microbiology who intend to consolidate their knowledge in this area in order to be prepared for future post-graduation ventures such as master and doctorate degrees.


- A university degree is required
- Evaluation of CV, school records and individual interview.


The activities of the post-graduation course in Microbiology are structured in order to promote a significant exchange between participants and professors. There will be presentations from the course faculty as well as from other specialists in specific areas.

The theoretical basis will be reinforced through practical classes, the highlight of the course, which will take place in our Microbiology laboratories. Each student must develop an individual study plan, based on bibliographic research, in the form of a monograph, in order to develop the analysis capability and write a scientific or technological text.


The course will begin in March, and will last two semesters. Activities will be carried out in the institute of Biological sciences, according to the following schedule:

- Friday from 18.00 - 22.00
- Saturday from 8.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00


The course consists of 24 credits corresponding to 360 hours of classes, offered over two semesters.


The team of researchers from the Department of Microbiology of the Institute of Biological Sciences - UFMG, who teaches at the Graduate Professional Program in Microbiology, holds at least a master's degree. The team has 17 Phds. In addition to the course professors, other prominent professionals in the field will be invited to give lectures on special topics and testimonials about their professional experience, enriching theoretical and practical classes.


Participants will be assessed through tests, exercises and a monograph project. In order to be awarded a certificate of specialization, participants must obtain a minimum of 60% approval in each discipline and minimum attendance of 85%.


Enrollment fee of R$ 600.00 and 11 installments of R$600.00
Total of R$ 7,200.00

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